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Key information

  • Date
    7 March 2023
  • Time
    4-5:30pm AEDT

You’re invited to our next webinar, on Tuesday 7 March!

Youth justice in Australia is never far from front-page news. Amid calls for reform that would help young people find positive pathways away from offending, we zoom out, and ask: how do young people find themselves swept up in the criminal justice system?

Worth A Second Chance hosts a free, interactive webinar that will untangle the complex web of factors that crystallise offending behaviour – covering disadvantage and trauma; negative social influences; neurology and impulsivity; institutionalisation; and the split moment in time where we’re all capable of making the wrong decision.

We’ll hear first-hand from a young person with lived experience of the criminal justice system, then short presentations and an interactive Q+A session with an expert panel.

Our panellists are highly experienced practitioners and experts in their fields. They’ll speak to:

  • the underlying and systemic factors that contribute to youth offending
  •  juvenile brain development, decision-making, and susceptibility to influence
  • the effectiveness of current approaches to address and reduce youth offending
  • the way forward to reduce crime, support young people to reset their lives, and see fewer victims and stronger communities.

It’s happening online on Tuesday 7 March, from 4-5:30pm AEDT, and is open to all. We hope to see you there.