fbpx Jesuit Social Services - Trang Thu Nguyen

Born in Vietnam, Trang has lived in Australia for more than two years.

Tell us about your photo

I like the colours of this photo, the blue sky over the tower.  It was taken in Sunshine, with the train station lift in the right corner.   I don’t know why, but the times on the clock are different. I was surprised at that; they are pointing in different ways. The image, for some reason, makes me think of a market in my home city.

'Jane' Trang Thu Nguyen

What do you love about your local community?

It is beautiful, I like it and everything is good here.

What does cultural diversity mean to you?

Friendliness; there is no discrimination and everyone is equal.  We have different foods and languages and relationships.

What does ‘everybody belongs’ mean to you?

We all have human rights and we obey Australian law.

Trang, Diversity Through The Lens photographer

Trang, Diversity Through The Lens photographer


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