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Born in Vietnam, Thach has lived in Australia for one and a half years.

Tell us about your photo

My photo is called The Harmony of Colours and Feeling. I have come from a country in a tropical region where there are many fruits that are part of my life, so this photo reminds me a lot of my homeland. Fortunately, I can find these fruits here; for that reason I feel at home here.

I was walking along Devonshire Road on a hot summer day, at noon. There, I saw the many pieces of fruit at the Sunshine Fruit Market. I was delighted by the colours of green, yellow and red in the fruit. They made me feel refreshed on such a hot day.


The fruit shop owner had sorted the fruit beautifully, in a harmony of colours. The light green of the gourds reminded me of Spring; next, the dark green limes reminded me of Summer; a little further back the colour changes from the lime-green to the yellow of the lemons, representing Autumn. The shadow of the roof fell on half of the fruit display in a diagonal line, so one half of the display looks dark and other half is bright. For me, this represents someone coming out of a dark past and into a future with a lot of hopefulness. I shot this scene with these thoughts and feelings.

What do you love about your local community?

I love my local community because of its multicultural mix.  The different cultural foods, music, dancing and clothes all have their own unique styles. Here, I can enjoy my favourite foods from my country, as well as many types of foods and beverages from other countries. I see the diversity of clothes, with their different colours, and the dancing and music of the various festivals. All of these connect together to build up the special features of my local community.

What does ‘cultural diversity’ mean to you?

Before coming here, the concept of ‘cultural diversity’ was only an idea in my mind. I knew it through movies, books and the internet. When I came here I experienced it in real life. This cultural diversity has really brought me to an open-minded point of view about the social life around me. Understanding cultural diversity helps everyone to build a human society in which we can live together better.

Thach, Diversity Through The Lens photographer

Thach, Diversity Through The Lens photographer


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