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Born in Egypt, Tadros has lived in Australia for less than two years.

Tell us about your photo.

This photo is called Waiting in Hope. In the photo, there are people waiting – people from different backgrounds, waiting for a bus to take them in different directions. Everyone is on their own journey. Notice that they are all looking in another direction, towards something unknown. From a distance, you notice the blue colour, which starts in the advertisement on the bus and extends over to the blue in the painting on the bus stop. Looking closely, you also notice the bird in the foreground, also waiting, about to fly away.

Tadros Hanna

What do you love about your community?

This photo was taken in St Albans, at the bus station, where there is the most activity. At lunch time, it is very busy. When I go there I feel am in Australia, but at the same time I feel like I am also in Vietnam. We can really say that Australia is a UN.  This local area is very multicultural, it is very rich. We are blessed to be here in Australia.

Tadros, Diversity Through the Lens community photographer

Tadros, Diversity Through the Lens photographer


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