About the role

As a Volunteer Mentor you will support a young person to develop a positive and safe relationship with an adult role model, connect into their community, pursue their interests and work towards individual goals. The guidance you provide will help to increase their social confidence, reduce feelings of isolation and increase the young person’s capacity to develop diverse, positive and sustainable community connections.

About the program

The Community Connection Mentoring program is aimed at providing extended community support to young people involved in the Child Protection system, who reside in residential or home-based care and are soon to be transitioning into independent living. This is done through matching volunteers from the community with one of our young people for a 6-12 month formal mentor partnership where they meet weekly in the community for mentoring sessions. Mentors engage in regular recreational activities with individual young people to facilitate the development of an enduring and constructive relationships. This reduces isolation, creates hope for a positive future, increases opportunities to pursue their interests, and increases relationship skills and social resources. Group activity days are also offered to all young people and volunteers on the program as an additional opportunity to connect and build community.

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