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Josh Kennedy

“We want young men to be free from harmful social pressures, and we need to support them by focusing on building resilience and promoting respect.”

“I’m very proud to be an Ambassador for the Jesuit Social Services – The Men’s Project. A fantastic cause dedicated to helping young men develop into resilient, respectful adults and to live healthy and happy lives.”

Tim Winton

Tim Winton (Credit Denise Winton)

“It’s pretty clear that blokes need to live more conscious and fulfilling lives.  For their own sakes. And for the safety and happiness of those around them.   But in order to step up and learn, men need some help.  They need to be supported and heard.  And they also need to be challenged and stretched, to make room for fresh ideas and some hard lessons.  We owe it to our sons and our daughters and wives and sisters.  We owe it to ourselves.  Because better men can make better lives for all people.

I’m really glad to be a supporter of the Men’s Project.”