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About us


Jesuit Social Services has been working with men and boys for over 40 years. In 2017 it was acknowledged that too many men and boys are in trouble and causing trouble.

Boys and men are more likely to engage in risk-taking behaviour – reflected in higher rates of road accident fatalities, accidental drug-induced deaths, and higher rates of smoking tobacco. They have extremely high rates of suicide – six men suicide each day. And they are almost always the perpetrators of violence. 95 per cent of victims – whether women or men – report experiencing violence at the hands of a man.

As a society we have recently begun to acknowledge one significant aspect of the problem – violence against women and children. The focus has been, as it should be, on supporting the victims of this violence.

But we need to do much more. We need to address the root causes. That’s what The Men’s Project is doing.

Vision, mission, goals, approach

The structure and principles of The Men’s Project (click image to enlarge).

Men Engage Alliance

Jesuit Social Services is a member of the MenEngage Alliance.
This is a global alliance made up of dozens of country networks spread across many regions of the world, hundreds of non-governmental organizations, as well as UN partners.

MenEngage members work collectively and individually toward advancing gender justice, human rights and social justice to achieve a world in which all can enjoy healthy, fulfilling and equitable relationships and their full potential.

Through its country-level and regional networks, MenEngage seeks to provide a collective voice on the need to engage men and boys in gender equality, to build and improve the field of practice around engaging men in achieving gender justice, and advocating before policymakers at the local, national, regional and international levels.

MenEngage member organisations can differ widely in where they are from and how they work, but they all believe in certain core principles that bind the alliance together. Read more about the MenEngage Alliance.