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The inequalities in our society are layered and complex. Research helps us all to understand, empathise, and act. We combine our policy expertise with practice wisdom and the lived experience of our participants, to influence change in the systems and structures that perpetuate disadvantage.

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Jesuit Social Services produces a wide selection of policy papers and submissions covering a range of interconnected areas of social justice, including criminal justice, housing, mental health, gender justice and ecological justice.Read our latest submissions below.

Each paper draws on our experience working with marginalised people, families and communities.

Our advocacy, research and social policy work draws on our experience engaging with disadvantaged people, families and communities:

  • Advocacy – we build awareness of injustice and advocate for social change based on grounded research and experience
  • Research – we identify areas of unmet need, conduct and publish research and use our findings to advocate for change in keeping with our vision of ‘building a just society’
  • Policy – we regularly respond to social justice issues and produce a number of policy submissions and papers each year

Voice to Parliament

We support a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament.