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Our NDIS programs

Our NDIS programs work actively with NDIS participants, their care teams and support networks to achieve their personal goals and build capacity.

Our NDIS programs include:

Specialist Support Coordination – we support NDIS participants to understand and implement their NDIS plans, build personal capacity to make choices, and reduce barriers to accessing supports. Find out more about our Specialist Support Coordination.

Perry House – a Specialist Forensic Disability Accommodation service providing 24 hour support. Referrals can only be accepted from the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing statewide referral program.

What we do

  • We form positive relationships with people with disability and build capacity to self-direct supports
  • We strive to limit the barriers people with disability face in leading an ordinary life in their communities
  • We support people experiencing concurrent issues including substance misuse, family breakdown, offending behaviour, homelessness, unemployment, trauma, poverty and social exclusion.

Why we do it

We know that people with disability often face disproportionate barriers to living a life of their choosing.

By working closely with NDIS participants to understand their goals and how we can help to make a difference, our NDIS services support people to achieve the outcomes they want in life.

NDIS services and prices

Information on our NDIS services and prices can be found below:

NDIS terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of our NDIS services can be found below: