fbpx Jesuit Social Services - Mental health and wellbeing

Our programs

Our mental health and wellbeing programs engage young people dealing with mental illness and substance abuse, as well as people impacted by the suicide of a loved one.

Our work includes:

  • Artful Dodgers Studios – our fully equipped art and music studios offer a flexible and welcoming space for young people to work, in order to increase social connectedness, self esteem and employability skills
  • Support After Suicide – we provide counselling, group and home visits, art therapy and online resources to people left behind after the suicide of a loved one
  • Connexions – our counselling and outreach program supports young people with complex needs to reduce the harm of substance misuse and deal with mental health concerns
  • The Outdoor Experience (TOE) – we engage young people with alcohol and drug problems in meaningful, safe and appropriate therapeutic adventure activities and journeys
  • StrongBonds – we’ve developed an easy-to-use website for families and youth work practitioners supporting young people with complex needs

What we do

  • We form robust and respectful relationships with people dealing with mental illness and drug and alcohol problems
  • We help people through difficult and often traumatic periods of their lives
  • We support people to reduce harm, to develop a healthy mind and to reach their potential

Why we do it

Dealing with a mental illness or substance misuse can limit people’s ability to contribute to society. It can also prevent people engaging in study, work and recreational activities.

For more than 15 years, our holistic, hands-on mental health services have helped people to navigate complex mental health problems and traumatic events.

Our mental health and wellbeing work includes counselling, outreach support, group work, assistance with education and training and therapeutic outdoor activities.