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What is ReConnect?

Our ReConnect program supports high risk and high profile men and women to transition from prison to community.

ReConnect provides targeted (up to four weeks) and intensive (up to 12 months) reintegration outreach services for serious violent or sex offenders, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, women prisoners, and prisoners with high transitional needs.

ReConnect aims to:chainlink-690503_1920

  • create individual transition plans for people exiting prison
  • provide assertive outreach and practical assistance to people exiting prison
  • assist people exiting prison to address the underlying causes of their offending
  • facilitate community reintegration and reduce re-offending

We deliver ReConnect across Melbourne’s north and western regions, as part of the Corrections Victoria Reintegration Pathway.

How does Reconnect work?

1. We assess men and women exiting prison who need transitional support

We conduct initial needs and risk assessments of men and women exiting prison.

The assessment generally takes place in a custodial setting. It determines the type of transitional support we’ll provide:

  • targeted support (up to four weeks)
  • intensive support (up to 12 months)

2. We provide tailored, flexible support to people exiting prison

Our post-release workers individually tailor their case management support to each person exiting prison.

Through case management, we:

  • address housing and material supports
  • assist with family reunification
  • refer people to a range of specialist health and well-being services (including drug, alcohol and mental health services)
  • ensure people have pathways to economic and social participation
  • help connect people to community and culture
  • support people to comply with parole conditions and/or community orders
  • emphasise empowerment in helping people overcome the legacy of negative experiences in their livesJesuit Social Services young man2

3. We collaborate with others to reduce re-offending

We work collaboratively with Corrections Victoria and other community-based agencies to provide a continuum of care.

Our networked approach assists people’s transition from prison into the community and reduce the chances that they return to prison.

It also provides better outcomes for the families of people exiting prison, as well as the communities that prisoners are returning to.

How can I refer people to ReConnect?

Referrals to ReConnect are usually made by a Corrections Victoria worker located at a Victorian prison (excluding Ravenhall).

ReConnect is a voluntary support program for people who would like help settling back into the community.

To be eligible for the program, a person must have a higher than normal risk of re-offending.