fbpx Jesuit Social Services - Justice and crime prevention

Our justice and crime prevention programs

Our justice programs build on our belief that all people, including those exiting prison, should have the same opportunities to access housing, education and employment.

Our work includes:

  • ReConnect – we provide transitional support to high risk and high profile men and women in the justice system
  • Youth Justice Community Support Service (YJCSS) – we provide intensive support to young people aged 10 to 21 who intersect with the justice system
  • Youth Justice Group Conferencing – based on restorative justice principles, we create dialogue between people who have offended and others who have been impacted by the offending behaviour
  • African Visitation and Mentoring Program (AVAMP) – we work with people of African background involved with the criminal justice system in Melbourne, matching them with a mentor to support them through their sentence and post-release – download our AVAMP brochure and AVAMP Volunteer Role Purpose Statement
  • Community Connections Mentoring – The Community Connections Mentoring Program connects young people who are living in or have lived in out-of-home care with a volunteer mentor from the community, with the aim of supporting young people to build lasting positive relationships with community mentors to support their transition to independence – download our Community Connections Mentoring brochure
  • Making Justice Work Campaign – we support a Northern Territory-wide campaign that promotes evidence-based approaches to community safety, in order to respond more effectively to crime in the community.
  • Navigator  supports disengaged learners aged 12 to 17 years old and works with them around a return to education or training.
  • Link Youth Justice Housing Program– supports young people exiting the criminal justice system by facilitating access to housing, cultivating ongoing and stable living arrangements and providing an unparalleled and crucial after-hours support service.

Housing Programs

  • Perry House – we supply longer-term housing for people with intellectual disabilities exiting custody
  • Next Steps – we prevent homelessness for vulnerable young people aged 16–24 involved with the justice system, by delivering intensive case management support and providing supported accommodation through our Dillon House facility

What we do

  • We give people leaving prison the best chance to find housing, education and employment
  • We support people at high risk and with high needs – those with limited support networks, and who experience complex health problems
  • We strive to create strong, cohesive and safe communities

Why we do it

For nearly 40 years, we’ve supported people exiting prison to help them get their lives back on track.

We know that many adults and young people involved in the criminal justice system have limited social and family networks, and experience mental illness or substance abuse.

Our hands-on, holistic services assist people as they embark on pathways from prison back to the community, and support them to reach their full potential.