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Engaging people in education and training pathways.

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Skills First Reconnect supports Victorians aged 17 to 64 years of age not engaged in an education or training pathway, and who are experiencing barriers to their participation.

How does the program help?

Skills First Reconnect aims to:

  • help participants overcome barriers to participation by building confidence and skills.
  • support participants engage with further study and/or employment pathways.

How does the program work?

The program is made up of four key elements which will ensure participants receive the supports, guidance, and training required to successfully transition into further study or employment. These four elements involve Engagement, Learner wrap-around supports, Education, Training and Employment and Pathways.

Who can participate in the program?

The Skills First Reconnect Program supports people in the following four groups:

  • Young people aged between 17- 19 years: not engaged in education or training for six months or more (less than 8 hours per week).
  • Mature participants aged between 20-64 years: Unemployed for six months or more (less than 8 hours per week) and not engaged in education or training for six months or more (less than 8 hours per week).
  • Young people impacted by Justice System – Young people (17 to 24 years of age) who have been, or are currently on, Youth Justice Orders.
  • Asylum seekers – A person without citizenship but holds a valid: Bridging Visa Class E (BVE); Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV); or Temporary Protection Visa (TPV).

For further information

For more information please contact:

Kerry Frampton, Pathway Support Worker M: 0429 404 038. E:


Matthew Sharp, Pathway Support Worker M: 0429 112 14. E:

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