What is the African-Australian Inclusion Program (AAIP)?

AAIP a dynamic and highly professional program for qualified African-Australians.

The program provides six months of paid, supported working experience at National Australia Bank (NAB).

The need for AAIP was identified by the African-Australian community, who noted that lack of local experience in the Australian business sector was a significant barrier to employment.

We deliver AAIP as a joint initiative with NAB in Melbourne and Sydney.

How does AAIP work?

1. We provide African-Australians with business sector experience

Lack of local work experience prevents qualified African-Australians from gaining employment.

We help African-Australians overcome this barrier by offering paid work experience in business roles.

The roles include finance, IT, business administration, business analysis, corporate responsibility, project management, marketing and customer contact.

Through AAIP, participants can:

  • undertake paid work experience in their chosen profession
  • immerse themselves in Australian workplace culture and build powerful professional networks
  • receive mentoring to achieve assigned tasks and duties
  • work with a coach to achieve broader career goals
  • obtain a professional reference at the end of their placement

2. We offer career coaching to ensure job success beyond the program

With the help of NAB career coaches, AAIP’s impact lasts long beyond the program itself.

Participants work with a coach to help them achieve broader careers goals and search for job opportunities outside the program.

More than 200 African-Australians have participated in our inclusion program since 2009: of these, over 80 per cent have found work in NAB or beyond, in their chosen field.

3. We collaborate with business for stronger collective impact

AAIP shows how the social and business sectors can collaborate to achieve a stronger collective impact.

The program delivers genuine shared value that benefits participants, NAB and the broader community.

For example, when employment barriers are broken down, working African-Australians have the opportunity to become role models for younger African-Australians.

AAIP’s success has been recognised with several awards, including from Diversity@Work (2010), Melbourne Awards – City of Melbourne (2011), Australian Human Resources Institute Diversity Award (2012), and Victorian African Community Award (2013 and 2014).

How can I apply for AAIP?

Please visit our Apply for AAIP page, where you’ll find all of the information you need to apply for AAIP.