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About our College

Jesuit Community College provides people with real skills for life, learning and work.

It draws on the rich tradition of Jesuit education committed to ‘care of the whole person’ and development of active and informed citizens.

Through our College, we help individuals, and by extension their families and communities, reach their full potential.

Jesuit Community College (TOID: 21800) is a Registered Training Organisation and a Learn Localorganisation.

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Who can learn?

We offer nationally recognised qualifications in general education for adults (‘accredited training‘).

We also offer short courses that help people get ready to work (‘pre-accredited training‘).

We receive funding for eligible student enrolments from the Victorian and Federal Governments.

People with a disability are encouraged to apply under the Skills First and Learn Local ACFE Programs.

Find out more

Visit the new Jesuit Community College website to view upcoming courses, student information and to start your journey with us.