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The Outdoor Experience

The Outdoor Experience (TOE) offers young people a unique opportunity for learning, growth and connection in a supportive environment. Participants learn more about themselves, strengthen relationships with others and have a greater understanding of their relationship with nature.

The Outdoor Experience is funded to work with 15-25 years of age with Drug and Alcohol issues. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of an already organized or established group. Programs may involve a series of day programs or multiple day/overnight trips.

The Outdoor Experience utilises Adventure Based Learning principles (ABL) and range of therapeutic practices to provide a powerful environment for achieving desired outcomes.

Key Features of TOE

Adventure, Learning and Growth

TOE specialises in Bush Adventure Therapy partnering with agencies working with participants (15-25 years) with drug and alcohol issues. We believe that well designed and supported adventure/nature based activities provide vulnerable young people with opportunities for learning and growth.

The factors that are considered core in TOE programs are:

  • Individual Design: Each program is designed to address specific aims objectives of agencies and participants.
  • Participant Readiness: Participants choose and are willing to participate in all aspects of the program.
  • Active involvement of the agency worker: Agency workers participate in all aspects of the program. The program provides many opportunities for agency workers to build on their relationship with participants and further develop participants learning and the transference of these learning into their lives.
  • Responsiveness: Programs are modified in response to emerging needs.
  • Simplicity: We aim to ‘travel light’ on program and live simply our focus is on individual growth, building a supportive group environment and further developing our relationship with nature.
  • Nature: Programs explore participants relationship with nature.
  • Adventure/ Journey: Programs are designed to provide young people with a sense of personal achievement, at times significant enough to be used as a life reference point.
  • Personal Reflection: Experiential education methodologies such as action- reflection aims to grow the capacity of participants to actively reflect on their behaviour and choices both during and post program.
  • Small Group Work and Closed Group Design: We work with groups sizes of 6 to 12 including staff. On program we aim to protect the focus of that group for the duration of the program by maintaining independence from external influences and other groups.