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Advocacy and Policy

We are entering a new paradigm of justice. Ecological justice must now be integrated into all our advocacy and policy approaches.

On a global level humanity faces increasing challenges, highlighting the need for reconciliation in its relationship with the environment. Scientists, world leaders, activists and academics warn that the transformation of our relationship with climate and earth needs to occur immediately and collectively. This transition will affect economic systems, land costs and distribution, energy availability, and community and governance capacities. In essence, the new paradigm of justice requires us to confront the reality that the causes and effects of injustice we have traditionally seen and defined as separate, local and with identifiable causes and effects, are now infinitely more complex and both local and global in their generation and impacts.

Ecological justice, expressing the unity of social and environmental factors, provides an expansive lens on issues such as energy, housing, employment and food security. Jesuit Social Services works with the most marginalised members of the community who are the least responsible for ecological risks and threats but the most affected by their emergence, which throws up new challenges for advocacy, policy and empowerment.

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