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Advocacy and news

The Centre for Just Places engages in advocacy to address place-based inequities and injustice in Australia. We bring a social and ecological lens, inviting discussion on what action can be taken by governments, individuals, organisations and the community services sector within Australia to build a socially and ecologically just society.

Submissions and reports

March 2022 – Submission to the Inquiry into the Protections within the Victorian Planning Framework

The Centre contributed to this submission which calls on the Federal Government to do more to improve the national response to housing stress and homelessness. 

January 2022 – Prisons, climate and a just transition discussion paper 

This discussion paper explores the overlapping social and ecological harms of the prison system, making the case for why a just transition to a zero greenhouse gas emissions future must include a focus on decarceration.

Blogs and articles

Media releases


ACOSS climate campaign webinar (2021)

In this webinar, the Centre’s Executive Director, Susie Moloney, speaks alongside community sector leaders and experts in climate science and climate justice on what climate change is and why it matters to people experiencing inequity and injustice.

Communities of practice and roundtables

Place-based Action Research Community of Practice (the Real Deal Project) (ongoing)

The Centre has joined together with the Sydney Policy Lab and its Real Deal project, the Centre for People, Place and Planet at Edith Cowan University, and Australia Together to run a nationwide community of practice on place-based action and research.

Roundtable on place and social disadvantage (ongoing)

The Centre has joined with the Brotherhood of St Laurence – Social Policy and Research Centre (SPARC) and ARC Centre for Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course at Melbourne University to run a series of roundtables which explore the potential of place-based, community-led initiatives and policies for addressing disadvantage and promoting equity and sustainability.