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What is our Western Sydney program?

Since 2008, we’ve partnered with Mt Druitt’s Holy Family Parish to deliver local initiatives throughout Western Sydney.

Our programs include:

Ignite Food Store

We Partner with a range of schools, parishes and suppliers to provide affordable groceries train and employ people to sell affordable groceries including fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, and dairy, to the Mt Druitt community. We train and employ local people and provide work experience to unemployed people. We make special support for some of the most vulnerable people in Mt Druitt.

Ignite Op Shop

We provide high quality adult and children’s clothing, toys, books, furniture, household items, and bric-a-brac at low prices to the Mt Druitt community.

Willmot Community Hub

Using a collective impact model we partner local residents and over 20 organisations to build a community resource right in the heart of Willmot. We work together with Blacktown Council, New South Wales and the Commonwealth Government in delivering a number of programs to the local community. We are now partnering with a growing number of businesses and corporations to develop funding, skills and employment pathways for local people.

Parent Infant Family Australia (PIFA)

We support vulnerable families during pregnancy and in their children’s early years through direct clinical work, as well as by training professionals who work with them

Mt Druitt Holiday Program

We provide day programs for disadvantaged families during school holiday periods, with a focus on developing parenting capacity through genuinely new and interesting experiences for families

Mt Druitt Youth Programs

We deliver a range of programs to marginalised youth, including the Opportunity Choices Inspiration (OCI) school mentoring program, which links senior primary school children who are at risk of disengaging with education with senior high school mentors

How does our Western Sydney program work?

We help Western Sydney communities break out of cycles of disadvantage by developing local answers to local problems, such as high unemployment rates and limited access to affordable, healthy food.

Research by Social Ventures Australia (2010), has shown our Ignite Food Store to have the lowest price standard basket of groceries in the area.

Our Western Sydney programs also help build relationships within local communities through training and work experience, employment, family support, and leadership activities.

For example, our retail stores create direct employment and networks between local people — at our Food Store, the person who serves you understands you, because they live in your neighbourhood.

How can I refer someone to the Western Sydney program?

All Western Sydney programs are open to the community and are self-referred, so please contact us directly.

Ignite Food Store and Op Shop

Open Monday to Friday from 8:00am-3:15pm (Food Store) and 9:00am–2.00pm (Op Shop)
252–254 Luxford Rd (PO Box 86) Emerton NSW 2770
Tel: (02) 9628 2288 | Fax: (02) 9628 0593 | Email: westernsydney@jss.org.au | Facebook | Instagram

All other programs

11 Emert Pde (PO Box 86) Emerton NSW 2770
Tel: (02) 9628 2288 | Fax: (02) 9628 6139 | Email: westernsydney@jss.org.au

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