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social-share-badge-square-with-logoUse your social share

Xavier College has bought you a social share in Jesuit Social Services.

Your social share has value, so make sure you use it!

claim-your-share1. Claim your share

By claiming your share, you’ll support programs that help people live to their full potential

choose_dart2. Choose your cause

The cause you choose represents your investment in that program

3. Join our just communitycommunity-1

You’ll become part of a community of justice that helps us go where hope is needed most


  • 1. Claim your share

    Tell us your details to claim your share
  • 2. Choose your cause

    Pick which program area your social share will support
  • 3. Join our just community

    We'll email you occasional updates, so you can hear stories from participants of the program you supported.