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Here you’ll find a wide selection of policy papers and submissions we’ve published.

Each paper draws on our experience working with disadvantaged youth, families and communities.

The harsh reality of onshore
immigration detention in Australia

Drawing on the voices of visitors, this discussion paper sets out key facts on the current situation in onshore immigration detention in Australia; the conditions and impacts of prolonged detention; the important role of visitors and the nature of restrictive rules and regulations on visiting detention centres.

All alone: Young adults in the Victorian justice system

Jesuit Social Services believes that prison should always be a last resort. We acknowledge that sometimes prison is necessary, particularly in cases of violent crime. But when a State takes the serious step of removing a person’s liberty, certain standards must be met to ensure the human rights of those incarcerated, to rehabilitate detainees and to reduce re-offending.

Our report – All alone: Young adults in the Victorian justice system – raises a number of concerns regarding the welfare and treatment of young adults in Victorian prisons, and questions whether these standards are being met.

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