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We work with communities, government, schools and in other education settings, local councils, community groups and in male-dominated workplaces.


The Men’s Project can tailor co-facilitated workshops to engage staff and promote learning around habits and preconceptions related to masculinities and highlighting that change can be driven by everyone. The messages delivered during workshops can be adapted depending on the specific context and objectives.


We partner with schools to deliver evidence-based programs for students in years 5-12 that challenge the harmful norms about gender in order to improve staff and students’ wellbeing, behaviour and safety.

Since 2017 we have worked directly with tens of thousands of students, teachers, and parents. Our programs are rigorously evaluated, and based on research about what works.

Contact The Men’s Project

Please call The Men’s Project on 03 9421 7600 or email to enquire about engaging with your school or workplace.