Support Coordination

Many of the people we support have complex needs and are working with other service providers, including justice and youth services.


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We work actively with NDIS participants, their care teams, service providers, and support networks to achieve their personal goals, support them to understand and navigate the NDIS, increase their independence, and reduce barriers to accessing supports.

How does Specialist Support Coordination work?

We facilitate choice and control by connecting people to the supports they want

We understand the need for people with disability to choose to receive supports from services that they are confident in and comfortable with. We also know that finding the right services or supports can be challenging.Our Specialist Support Coordination program works to find and connect NDIS participant to services that align with their choices and preferences.

We support people with disability to attain their NDIS goals and achieve outcomes

Our Specialist Support Coordination program works closely with NDIS participants to understand what they would like to achieve with their NDIS funding and how this will be evidenced when their plan is due for review. We believe that people with disability are best placed to identify their own goals and achievements, and we empower people to make positive changes in life.

We support people with complex needs who have supports in other parts of their lives

We know that some NDIS participants have complex needs and also receive support from other sectors, including: justice, youth services, legal, health and mental health services. Where possible, our Specialist Support Coordinators will work with these services to support people to achieve the outcomes they want.

Make a referral

If you would like to make or discuss a referral, please contact the Specialist Support Coordinator via email at or phone at (03) 8595 2438.