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About JustWorks

JustWorks is an initiative of Jesuit Social Services to support businesses to access diverse, motivated and productive candidates. To meet the recruitment needs of organisations, JustWorks works with candidates to ensure they are or are able to become high-quality employees, and to ensure their values are aligned to those of their new employer.

Through this work, JustWorks seeks to provide both the employer and the new employee with the essential ingredients for a strong and sustained relationship. 

JustWorks is founded on Jesuit Social Services’ decade-long experience engaging with and supporting diverse and marginalised candidates to flourish in their new employment relationships though our successful workplace diversity and inclusion and
employment programs. 

JustWorks is accredited by Social Traders

How does JustWorks work?

JustWorks is a supported recruitment service tailored to the workforce needs and to the culture and values of the employer.  JustWorks engages with often untapped pools of potential candidates, and supports their readiness for employment, both in their work role and with the organisation’s values and workplace culture.

JustWorks provides a step by step supported recruitment service which includes:

  • Strong community campaigns that enable Jesuit Social Services to find motivated candidates that might not otherwise consider the available roles.
  • Vocational skills, values and behavioural attributes screening aligned with your organisation and role requirements.
  • Selection processes orientated towards practical assessment and problem-solving tasks.
  • Options for Pre-employment training focused on building foundation skills tailored to industry.
  • Capacity for the new employee to undertake a traineeship or a skills refresher program, where this is needed to meet employment requirements
  • Dedicated support for hiring managers in relation to workplace diversity and inclusion strategies, and the integration of traineeships or skills upgrade training into daily work routines.
  • Coaching and mentorship for the new employee, and their work place supervisor, after the new employee’s commencement, to ensure the success of their placement.

How do Employers benefit from JustWorks?

JustWorks benefits employers by:

  • Providing access to broader pools of potential new employees, often overlooked through standard recruitment processes and practices.
  • Providing access to candidates who have already been screened and supported by JustWorks to ensure their skills, aptitudes, attitudes and values align to their new prospective employer
  • Providing support to the candidate and subsequently to the new employee and employer by building the foundation for an enduring relationship so as to reduce the level of early staff turnover.
  • Enabling them to partner with a trusted partner in Jesuit Social Services, which understands and places high value in meeting the recruitment needs of each of its employment partners.

How do prospective new employees benefit?

Prospective new employees benefit from JustWorks through:

  • Setting each candidate or prospective new employee up for success in their application and in their new employment position with their new employer.
  • A dedicated coach and practical training support that provides pragmatic skills, advice and values oriented training to help them succeed in their
    new workplace.
  • Tailored training options based on their previous work and study experience, including the option of refresher courses for individuals with older or
    overseas qualifications where necessary
  • An integrated training and employment pathway that provides financial security while they train when appropriate
  • A shared value base, and a welcoming and supportive environment from their employer as they commence their career.

How JustWorks benefits the broader community

Enabling inclusion

JustWorks encourages and enables increased diversity in the workplace. This inclusivity has ripple effects across the communities of all who are touched by its services, demonstrating how opportunies for all in our community provides access to strong and successful careers.

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