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Mentoring for people experiencing barriers to employment.

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The Jobs Victoria Employment Service provides employment assistance and mentoring to job seekers who are experiencing barriers to gaining employment. Our team of experienced mentors can help people with barriers to employment find the right job, and support them to succeed in the workplace.

How does the program help?

We operate four programs across Metropolitan Melbourne, designed to meet the specific needs of job seekers and employers:


This generalist service works with all job seekers and employers across all industries. This program offers pre and post-employment support to both job seekers and employers by upskilling, mentoring and preparing Victorians with barriers to employment to engage in the workforce, as well as supporting employers to find the right candidates for their employment vacancies.


Our construction stream specialises in the construction industry and works with job seekers interested in this field, to prepare them with the necessary licences and tickets and place them into suitable employment. We provide a specialist employment service to employers across all sectors of construction – domestic, commercial, civil and Major Projects. We work with Major Project consortiums and their sub-contractors to assist them to meet their social inclusion targets.


Our Ex-offenders stream works with job seekers of all age groups who have had previous involvement with the justice system and are looking for a second chance. Our specialist team provides tailored support to help people with a history of justice involvement prepare for, obtain and maintain employment in an effort to promote their social and economic inclusion.


This service works with qualified professionals from culturally diverse backgrounds to assist them in finding employment pathways and entry points in their chosen fields. Our specialist mentors work with jobseekers to help navigate and understand the Australian professional employment landscape and obtain or have recognised the qualifications required to find work in their chosen profession.

How does the program work?

We strive to support both jobseekers and their employers with services in three phases:

  1. Consultation and engagement to establish needs and goals of both employers and jobseekers
  2. Job-readiness preparation, where we support jobseekers, through pre-employment training, upskilling and licensing, coaching and mentoring and job-specific support to ensure they are ready for work, and
  3. Job placement and support, including shortlisting for employers and opportunities, placement into employment, and continuing support over six months to ensure a successful transition.

Who can participate in the program?

You are eligible for the Jobs Victoria Employment Service if you:

  • have been unemployed for six months or more, or
  • are unemployed and at risk of long-term unemployment or
  • Are underemployed (working less than 12 hours per week on average)

Where is this program offered?

We operate in all Metro Melbourne regions and are able to make provisions to work with you remotely or in person. Contact our intake team on to discuss your needs.

How to make a referral

For referrals, general queries or if you are an employer looking for staff please contact us at:

JVES Impact Evaluation

For an analysis of the program’s outcomes in 2022, download the impact evaluation of the Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES) Program by Jesuit Social Services: Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES) Program: Impact Evaluation 2022

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