Zero Waste and sustainable food systems


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Our online course combines practical cooking demonstrations on how to cook without waste with investigations into the stages and resources involved in getting food from the paddock to our plates. You’ll be invited to cook along with our highly skilled chef.

Course content

  • The food supply chain, mapping and food waste
  • Climate change and food systems
  • The role of water within the food system
  • How to be a sustainable and affordable food shopper
  • Zero waste cooking & how to get the most out of your ingredients
  • Global food trade and Australia’s food industries
  • Practical tips on how to reduce household waste

Course Delivery

The course will be delivered via ZOOM the free online video platform. You’ll require internet access and a computer, tablet, or smart device with audio and video functions.

The course includes cooking demonstrations and virtual classroom sessions. You receive recipe cards and are invited to cook along in your own kitchen while watching the step- by-step demonstrations. The classroom sessions feature group discussions and partner activities.

Government funded for eligible participants


Permanent Resident and/or Australian Citizen/New Zealand Citizen and not enrolled in secondary school (government, non-government, independent, Catholic or home schooling) for more information please click

Please note: If under 17 years of age and disengaged from school, participants will need to obtain an official Transition from School Form for us to sight.

For more information and to enrol, please click on call 9415 8700.

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