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Online Service Standards

Jesuit Community College (JCC) offers some courses and programs online. In doing this, we are committed to maintaining the same high-quality learning experience for all of our students.

Student Support

Jesuit Community College provides the following support to students to assist with their online learning:


As a student, you can expect that our trainers/assessor are all highly qualified professionals, with many years’ of training experience in the VET sector. These dedicated trainer/assessors will work with you regularly as you undertake the online activities and assessments.

Should you need help along the way, you only need to submit a query and your trainer/assessor will respond within two business days. Once you have submitted your assessment it will be marked within two weeks. Your trainer/assessor will contact you to discuss your results and provide feedback on your assessment.

IT support

Students can email  to help resolve most issues. For more technical issues, students should contact aXcelerate.

Support services

As a Jesuit Community College student, you will have access to the same support services as a student receiving paper based learning and assessment.

Additional support includes Language Literacy & Numeracy and/or digital learning support. Support outside of the Jesuit Community College resources is available from the external support services available to Jesuit Community College students.

Student entry requirements and induction

Digital literacy

All students are required to attend an information session prior to enrolling into a course. This will help you to make an informed decision about the benefits for you to undertake the course.

As part of the JCC Pre-Training Review, you will be required to undertake an assessment of your language, literacy, numeracy and digital literacy capabilities. The digital literacy component will help us to understand your experience in using technology and software programs to date.

The assessment will determine your knowledge, ability and experience in the following:

  • Application of Technology: Basic understanding of how to use digital tools (e.g., Microsoft Office, computer-assisted instructional software, Internet servers/browsers, and platforms for searching and communicating) to research, organise information, evaluate, and communicate.
  • Proficiency with devices – PC’s, tablets, printers, media players, etc.
  • Demonstrate and be able to apply the concepts of ethical/legal issues of using information technology

aXcelerate Learner Portal can be accessed on all browsers and with every device. It maintains the same presentation across all platforms. In short, this means that you can complete your course on your phone, tablet or personal computer. You can also download the aXcelerate Learner App via the app store.

Learning materials

The Jesuit Community College learning material is user-friendly and engaging. This means you will enjoy your learning.

Student engagement

The Jesuit Community College trainer/assessor will contact you through aXcelerate. You can be confident that you will be supported throughout your learning, and you will receive ongoing feedback to keep you focused.


Each unit of competency will be assessed in at least two of the following methods: The combination may vary from one unit to another depending on the unit (training package) requirements.

  • Observation
  • Written questions
  • Completion of documentation.
Continuous Improvement

At Jesuit Community College we welcome your feedback. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your feedback and suggestions. Student complaints and appeals should be lodged through the JCC complaint form. This document can be accessed on our website at

All JCC trainers and assessors undertake ongoing professional development in the following key areas:

  • Online learning systems for delivery and assessment
  • Current training and assessment practices (Vocational Education Training) and
  • Knowledge of current industry standards and practices.