Be Connected

A basic introduction on how to use computers and improve your digital skills for learning and every day use.


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Course content

  • Getting to know your computer

  • How to use a keyboard

  • Internet and email

  • Passwords and safety

  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

  • How to use Zoom

  • Online learning

Course outcomes

  • Ability and confidence to access the online world

  • Practical digital skills and improved confidence for online learning

  • Improved skills and confidence in using laptop computers

  • Improved skills in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

  • Improved language and literacy skills specific to computers

Course delivery

Course is delivered face to face and laptops are fully supplied.

Government funded for eligible participants.* Eligibility criteria applies.


Permanent Resident and/or Australian Citizen/New Zealand Citizen and not enrolled in secondary school (government, non-government, independent, Catholic or home schooling ) for more information please click

Please note: If under 17 years of age and disengaged from school, participants will need to obtain an official Transition from School Form for us to sight.

For more information and to enrol, please click on
or call 9415 8700.

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