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Jesuit Community College provides people with real skills for life, learning and work. It draws on the rich tradition of Jesuit education committed to ‘care of the whole person’ and development of active and informed citizens. Through our College, we help individuals, and by extension their families and communities, reach their full potential.

How does the program help?

We seek to connect and engage with people who would otherwise not participate in education and training.

Our aim is to help our students develop personal confidence, and the foundational and employability skills that will improve their social and economic participation in the community.

We deliver training in three main areas:

  • Preparation for employment
  • Short vocational ‘taster’ courses
  • Languge, literacy, numeracy and digital literacy.

Visit our website for more detailed and current information about our course offerings at www.jesuitcommunitycollege.org.au.

How does the program work?

Our College provides training that helps people develop real skills for life, learning and work that will lead them to social and economic inclusion.

Our College draws on the rich tradition of Jesuit education committed to ‘care of the whole person’ and development of active and informed citizens.

We shape our training and courses to meet our participants where they are at: geographically, emotionally, and developmentally.


  • develop foundational level courses to help our participants build literacy, numeracy and employability skills that will lead to realistic employment opportunities
  • offer place-based training, taking our training to learners, delivering in locations that are familiar and easily accessible to them
  • offer and connect participants to wrap-around support services to help them build confidence and the ability to learn
  • deliver our training both face to face and online
  • offer small classes delivered by supportive trainers
  • journey with students, supporting them from initial engagement to employment or community participation
  • support pathways to employment and further training through our network of employment programs and industry partnerships

We work with you to develop a flexible training plan that builds on your existing skills and experience. We offer:

  • Accredited and pre-accredited courses
  • Financial support for eligible students
  • Recognition of previously obtained qualifications and / or units of competency in Australia

Jesuit Community College (TOID: 21800) is a Registered Training Organisation and a Learn Local organisation.

Who can participate?

Our courses are open to people who are aged seventeen years or older.

People with a disability are encouraged to apply.

Jesuit Community College courses are government funded for eligible participants. If you are not eligible for government funding fees apply.

For more information on eligibility criteria, please click here.

Where is this program offered?

Jesuit Community College is based in Collingwood and delivers training at a range of locations across Melbourne and in regional Victoria.

For a full list of courses and locations please visit our upcoming courses page and course guide.

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For more information about our courses or to enrol, call us on 03 9415 8700 or email courses@jss.org.au.