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Economic challenges, poor mental and physical health, social division, disconnection, loneliness — as well as ongoing disruption caused by environmental destruction and climate change — are affecting communities across Australia. For more than 20 years, Jesuit Social Services has collaborated with researchers to examine complex and entrenched disadvantage in communities across the country.

Dropping off the Edge research (ongoing)

Jesuit Social Services’ Dropping off the Edge research identifies areas of disadvantage in every Australian state and territory and uncovers the web of factors that must be solved for these communities, and our nation, to thrive. Dropping off the Edge 2021 measures 37 indicators across seven domains of social wellbeing, health, community safety, economic, education, environmental and intergenerational outcomes. The Centre for Just Places is leading action and advocacy on the 2021 report findings. The Centre will also lead future iterations of this research, building in a stronger emphasis on strength-based indicators.

Stack of three printed copies of the Dropping Off The edge 2021 Report
The impact

Since the launch of Dropping off the Edge 2021, the Centre is:

  • Drawing on the research to identify and build an understanding of the unique factors causing disadvantage in different places and communities
  • Working with community-based organisations, statutory authorities, and state and local governments to communicate the findings to a wider audience
  • Working with experts locally and internationally to connect Dropping off the Edge to other aligned research
  • Being contracted to develop tailored Dropping off the Edge reports to different organisations that speak to the overall findings and specific indicators featured in Dropping off the Edge
  • Exploring how current data from Dropping off the Edge, such as data about volunteering, can be used to understand community strengths and resilience.
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