Jesuit Social Services welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the development of the Federal Government’s Employment White Paper. We believe the White Paper presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to deliver fundamental improvements and change in our employment strategies, policies and systems to ensure all people living in Australia can flourish.

In this submission, Jesuit Social Services advocates for the Federal Government to address the structural barriers to participation that many people face, including the complex and overlapping factors of disadvantage that recur where they live.

Summary of our recommendations:

  • Commit to a living wage for all Australians above the current subsistence level of welfare payments, and establish a person-centred and voluntary employment service system.
  • Address the persistent and intergenerational disadvantage and unemployment that is experienced by individuals and families in many areas around Australia by developing a Social Inclusion Fund and accompanying Social Inclusion Strategy.
  • Commit to full access to sustainable employment to ensure no one is left behind, including by guaranteeing opportunities for young people, fully utilising the skills of migrants and refugees, and addressing cultural issues related to the safety of women and other minority groups.

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