Communities experiencing disadvantage across Australia continue to struggle with unemployment, low levels of income and education, housing stress, contact with the criminal justice system and intergenerational welfare dependency.

Climate change is only exacerbating the challenges faced by marginalised people and communities, including the people we work with.

Our participants are more at risk of bearing the brunt of the current and long-term impacts of climate change because of where they live, their income, age, health conditions, disabilities, or where they work.

Recognising this web of challenges facing many communities across Australia, Jesuit Social Services’ Pre-Budget submission includes recommendations across a range of interconnected social policy areas.

The Federal Government must use the 2023-24 Budget as an opportunity to address issues of inequity, prejudice, and exclusion, ensuring neglected people and communities are no longer marginalised.  Developing and implementing evidence-based solutions in response to these issues will not only improve quality of life, but will also address the social and economic cost to Australia.

We call on the Federal Government to invest in:

  • Place-based approaches to build thriving and resilient communities.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination.
  • Safe and respectful adult and youth justice systems.
  • A fair social security system.
  • Pathways to education, training and employment.
  • Engaging men and boys to prevent family violence.
  • Safe, affordable and sustainable housing.
  • Supporting people with disability, mental ill-health and complex needs.
  • A humane immigration system.
  • Settlement services for newly arrived people.

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