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Overwhelming response helps to keep The Store open

The Ignite Food Store (The Store) in Mount Druitt is a vital community service. The Store provides low-cost, fresh and healthy food for Mount Druitt residents, who live in one of the most disadvantaged communities in New South Wales.

When COVID-19 hit, The Store felt its impact immediately. Social distancing rules meant school and parish food drives were cancelled, so The Store’s supply chain was severely disrupted. To keep the shelves stocked for its customers, The Store had to purchase food and grocery items which increased operating costs considerably.

Staff members at The Store were determined to keep its doors open to the community. In June, Dave Hammond, our General Manager – Western Sydney, wrote to Jesuit Social Services’ supporters asking for their help to keep The Store open. The response was overwhelming.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, The Store remains open. The funds raised enable The Store to continue to stock essential items on its shelves and provide local families with fresh, healthy and affordable food. The funds also contribute to purchasing face masks, gloves and hand sanitiser so The Store is ‘COVID-safe’ for its staff and customers.

“The support we have received is wonderful, it has given us a confidence boost,” says Monique Perusco, Manager – Social and Community Services at Jesuit Social Services. “The investment of supporters shows how important The Store is here and also to the larger community.” Customers are very grateful The Store is still open. They are particularly thankful to the staff who have continued to work through the crisis, enabling the local community to access healthy and affordable food for their families.