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#JusticeSolutions - New Zealand tour

In 2019, senior leaders from Jesuit Social Services embarked on a study trip to New Zealand to learn more about innovative approaches to dealing with adults and young people who have contact with the criminal justice system. This #JusticeSolutions tour followed...

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Braided Season 2: A Little Life Under Lockdown

On Wednesday 5 August, our Artful Dodgers Studios launched season two of its Braided podcast. Braided threads together the intimate, challenging, and triumphant stories of a group of young people from diverse cultural backgrounds who are living with difficult life circumstances,...

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Finding a Place in Australia

When Aman Genna came to Australia in 2013, he did so with the hope of finding “a better life.” As degree qualified engineering surveyor with six years experience in road construction, road management and project management in Ethiopia, he was...

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Diversity recruitment program proving successful

The impact of COVID-19 can be felt across all of Jesuit Social Services’ programs, including the Victoria Police Diversity Recruitment Program. The program, established in 2018, seeks to reflect the cultural diversity of the Victorian community as its workforce undergoes significant...

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Ecological Justice Hub food relief program

Jesuit Social Services’ Ecological Justice Hub, based in Brunswick, is a permaculture garden dedicated to both social and environmental justice. The Hub is recognised locally by businesses, charities and churches as a thought and change leader in addressing disadvantage in...

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