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#JusticeSolutions - New Zealand tour

In 2019, senior leaders from Jesuit Social Services embarked on a study trip to New Zealand to learn more about innovative approaches to dealing with adults and young people who have contact with the criminal justice system. This #JusticeSolutions tour followed...

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Jesuit Social Services supports the #climatestrike

Jesuit Social Services stands with young people across the globe demanding climate action. As an organisation, we continue our commitment to ecological justice. The natural world is our greatest gift. As an organisation whose mission it is to build a just society,...

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Major Projects Jobs Service offers Ben the opportunity to thrive

The Major Projects Jobs Service is a new initiative of our Jesuit Community College which aims to connect young people from culturally diverse backgrounds with the training and mentoring they need to gain a foothold in the building and construction...

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Helping Fletcher move towards success

On first meeting, Fletcher Same exudes a sense of energy and self-confidence that is both disarming and infectious. However Fletcher says that until meeting the team from our Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN) program, he had found his self-confidence eroding...

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Reintegration Puzzle conference

Members of our Northern Territory and adult justice program teams presented at the Reintegration Puzzle conference in Darwin in June. The conference focused on the role identity and culture play in reintegration after prison. Elle Jackson, our Manager – Justice Programs NT...

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