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#JusticeSolutions - New Zealand tour

In 2019, senior leaders from Jesuit Social Services embarked on a study trip to New Zealand to learn more about innovative approaches to dealing with adults and young people who have contact with the criminal justice system. This #JusticeSolutions tour followed...

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Artful Dodgers Studio concert raises $6000 to engage young people with art and music

For 27 years, Collingwood’s Artful Dodgers Studios has provided a space for young people living in difficult circumstances to unlock their creative potential and build new skills. The Studios depends on community support, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic – and in...

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Fresh food relief over six lockdowns

Our Ecological Justice Hub in Brunswick is centred around an established permaculture garden and workshop that are usually home to hands-on courses like carpentry, habitat design, composting and more. For the past 18 months, however, through six lockdowns, the team at...

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Birty's perseverance pays off

Birty’s journey as a participant in the Victoria Police Diversity Recruitment Program through to joining Victoria Police in early 2021 is one typified by hard work and perseverance. “At times it was really challenging and it was so important to have...

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Dropping off the Edge 2021

As we have previously reported, Jesuit Social Services will release a new Dropping off the Edge report in the second half of 2021. This continues our research into locational disadvantage conducted over more than 20 years, including previous Dropping off the...

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