When young guitarist Elijah Augustine first came into Artful Dodgers Studios, you would be lucky to get a word out of him.

Thanks to weekly songwriting sessions, ongoing performances at the Studios Megaphone events and engagement with other Studios participants, Elijah has found his voice.

“I didn’t say much when I first started at The Dodgers. I was the Quiet Man.”

Artful Dodgers Studios is a creative space based in Collingwood where young people living with difficult circumstances create art and music with the support of experienced artists and mentors.

Artful Dodgers Studios’ producer Jesse Sullivan says “It’s been great working with Elijah. He takes his music very seriously and has grown into being a wonderful performer full of personality.”

For Elijah, participating in Artful Dodgers has been transformational. “I have gained a lot of confidence working with Jesse, and I also really like the Artful Dodgers team. They make me feel like I’m one of the family.”

Most recently, Elijah performed at an online benefit concert hosted by Artful Dodgers Studios, in a line up that included fellow up-and-coming musicians and Australian music icons Paul Kelly, and Vika and Linda Bull.