Knitted wraps around a tree in the Hub’s garden

The Nutty Knitters, the Hub’s weekly knitting and crocheting get-together, has woven together members of the Willmot community who are often left behind.

The Nutty Knitters has grown to a group of 12 regular attendees. “Many women who attend have been a part of the Willmot community since it was built,” says Delander, “which is around 30 plus years.”

In addition to the joy of creating their knitted pieces, the program also allows some of the older members of the community to come together to engage socially with others in the area.

I think the biggest impact of the program is that it has created a dedicated space for these older women. It is a time where they are the priority, and they have the opportunity to just be themselves


Acting Manager, Western Sydney Programs

Many of the sessions aim at contributing to the Hub’s mission of community support. Each year one of the women has made small, personalised gifts for the Hub’s Mother’s Day high tea.

“This group member handmade little knitted worry worms which have notes on them about how to take your worry and stress away. She’s also made little butterflies. She’s made all different kinds of things… everyone really loves and enjoys them each year.”

The group has also contributed knitted teddy bears, socks and slippers to the local respite care facility and paediatric clinic. The Nutty Knitters is a beautiful example of how the Willmot Community Hub is flexible and responsive to the unique needs of the community.