Thursday morning at the Hub, waiting for Men’s Group to begin

Thursday’s Men’s Group is a space for men of all ages to come together over breakfast, coffee, or a game of cards. “These simple interactions and connections with people have helped quiet, insular people become really engaged.

As Delander explains, many men within the community, either the husbands of those already involved in the Hub’s programs or others, did not have an outlet to connect with other men or take time for themselves. Much of the longer-term funding available was only for groups that addressed domestic violence, alcohol or substance misuse, or gambling addictions.


Men are fundamental to the family structure and when it comes to funding, that’s not always reflected. Not enough support is put in for men to understand and regulate their emotions, to socialise or to engage positively with community, which can contribute to issues such as substance misuse and fractured families.


Acting Manager, Western Sydney Programs

Since opening, the program has doubled in size and the men who attend are finding meaningful ways to connect with each other whilst also positively contributing to the Willmot community. In fact, each week the group leads the preparation of all of the food made for the community breakfast held on Tuesdays.

Leon, our Community Development Worker who works closely with the Men’s Group, describes how seemingly simple forms of connection can have a significant ripple effect on the community. “It’s about listening to people, getting to know people’s stories, and building upon their visions and dreams.”