Games and craft activities set up ready for Monday Playgroup

At Willmot Community Hub on Monday mornings there is a flurry of giggles, games, and growth at our weekly playgroup. From 9am to 10:30am, parents and caregivers gather with their children for a time of connection and development.

The playgroup provides many different activities to develop social and emotional skills. It also helps flag and navigate any concerns about speech or general learning development


Acting Manager, Western Sydney Programs

As in other programs offered at the Hub, the bonds formed here extend beyond the immediate group. Mothers who once met as strangers now share close relationships in the community.

“We have mums who have met each other in the group and now are really close friends. They see each other outside the group and invite each other to birthday parties and other things.”

Delander reflects on a boy who has been attending the program since he was one year old: “I’ve seen him grow and get really comfortable in the space. He went from a really quiet child to more of a leader who helped the new kids come in and play with others.”

Now, this child beams with pride as he strolls past the Hub each day, eager to share his adventures with Leon, our Community Development Worker, and the rest of the Hub’s team.

“He came down to the Hub before his first day of school dressed up in his uniform, eager to see us before he left. We ended up walking him to school alongside his parents,” says Delander. Other times when he comes in with his parents before school, Delander adds that, “we sometimes prepare a quick breakfast for him or make him a little hot chocolate. I think this is truly one of my favourite stories to come out of playgroup”.