The Friday parenting group is a vital support and connection for local parents.

At the Hub, Friday is a crucial point in the week. Parents come together for a parenting course that’s more than just a class—it’s a vital support.

Through education and support, parents find tools to navigate the many challenges of parenthood – from how to regulate emotions, to understanding the behavioural and developmental needs of children, every session is a step towards building a stronger, more connected family.


It’s another early intervention program that opens the doorway for parents to learn healthy behaviours they might not have otherwise known. You learn about trusting yourself as a parent and how to do that in a positive way within a wider community structure.


Acting Manager, Western Sydney Programs

One mum’s journey is a testament to the program’s impact. Sarah* had recently had her child removed from her care. Her participation in the parenting course led to a huge attitudinal change in her. “She started working through past situations that she had found challenging,” said Delander.

“More importantly, she became really open and honest about how she wasn’t providing the right environment for her child. It was this mentality shift that allowed her to take responsibility and redirect her life.”

“She is still very involved in both the Hub and the community. The parenting course acted as an entry point for her to get involved in the Hub’s other services as well.”

* We changed Sarah’s name to protect her identity.