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New partnership connecting talent with opportunity

If you ask anyone what makes their life meaningful, you may get a variety of answers, including having rich relationships and bonds to others, but also doing something that gives their life meaning.

Chris (L) with participants of the Melbourne Water Pathways Program

Jesuit Social Services is acutely aware that the pathway to employment for some of us is extremely challenging and that there are many in our community, particularly those of refugee and migrant backgrounds, who don’t have the same opportunities as others.  

Chris arrived in Australia from Nigeria with his wife and children four years ago.  “I worked as a civil engineer for twelve years in Nigeria and the UK but was unable to find a job as an engineer since moving here.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve applied for engineering jobs and don’t even want to think about the number of rejections.”

Jesuit Social Services has recently partnered with Melbourne Water to deliver their Pathways Program, which aims to address the challenges faced by Chris and many others like him. The Melbourne Water Pathways Program provides year-long, paid and supported Project Engineer roles across
their business.   

Michael Wandmaker, Managing Director at Melbourne Water shares that. “Recruiting staff from culturally diverse backgrounds bene?ts our wider workforce. It gives us access to a talented pool of people that have struggled to ?nd roles for some time, despite their technical skills and qualifications. Programs like these are part of our commitment to tackling barriers to employment, growing the diversity of our workforce and becoming a more inclusive organisation that leverages the talents of our different backgrounds and skillsets.” 

We’re delighted to be partnering with Melbourne Water, working together to help people achieve their full potential and creating a more inclusive and kinder community.