fbpx Jesuit Social Services - Frequently Asked Questions


Where do Just Voices musicians and speakers present?

Our trained musicians and speakers present in

  • Schools and universities
  • Parishes
  • Clubs
  • Festivals
  • Corporates, and
  • Community and charity events.

Are the speakers flexible with the presentation time and subject matter?

Our speakers tailor social justice talks for as short as 10 minutes or as long as multiple day workshops.

Based on your criteria, we help you to find the perfect speaker for session, even at short notice!

Do the speakers have a valid Working with Children Check card?

Everyone involved in the speakers program carries a valid Working With Children Check card.

Do you charge?

Yes. The fee goes to the speaker/ musician and supports the Artful Dodgers Studio in providing ongoing support, debriefing and mentoring.

We are a not for profit enterprise and as such try to keep our fees as low as possible.

Who are your speakers?

Our presenters come from a wide array of countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq South Sudan, Sierra Leone, West Papua, East Timor and Burundi.

We also proudly work with Indigenous Australian presenters and musicians.

We also support speakers with lived experience of homelessness and the youth justice system to share their truth to inform and engage audiences in these important social justice issues.

What things do I need to keep in mind when booking a speaker?

Generally, speakers need access to

  • Microphone, and
  • Laptop and overhead projector to show PPT slides

What equipment does a musician/ speaker need?

Musicians may require additional sound equipment that can support singing, including AUX cables.

If you don’t have sound equipment, don’t worry. For a small fee, we can provide sound equipment and include a sound engineer to set up and run this for you.

Do you provide support to develop promotional materials?

We can also assist with developing your promotional materials. Please mention this when booking.