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Helping Fletcher move towards success

On first meeting, Fletcher Same exudes a sense of energy and self-confidence that is both disarming and infectious. However Fletcher says that until meeting the team from our Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN) program, he had found his self-confidence eroding away after a period of unstable employment.

“Before I got in touch with Jesuit Social Services, I wasn’t personally in a great place. Being unemployed sort of does that to you, so once I got a job and I was speaking to the people from the employment program, it showed me what I was capable of. Since then, I’ve started a university

Fletcher has a positive outlook on his future

degree and am very involved in emergency services as a volunteer. Having that contact with the employment program has really shown me what I’m capable of doing and it’s given me a much more positive outlook on my future and where I’m going to be in the next couple of years.“

After finding the right supports through JVEN, Fletcher began a traineeship with Metro Trains, and is currently working as a Leading Station Assistant at Flinders Street Station.

Fletcher says being in stable employment has had a huge impact on his self-esteem and outlook for the future. “I’m usually a confident person but after being unemployed for a while, it was weighing down on me a lot. Once I had a full time job on a contract and very secure employment, it meant that I could no longer worry about the financial side of things for myself, and I was able to focus on doing volunteering activities and doing a great job at work, so it’s been a huge confidence boost to me.

“The job I’ve recently got with Metro is huge, in terms of employment opportunities in the future. There’s a lot of departments within the organisation and I feel like I can honestly go anywhere with this job and that’s what I plan on doing. I’m hoping to apply for a role within the central control system for the train network and if that doesn’t quite go that way, I’m hoping to continue my degree and hopefully get a job with the Australian Federal Police in the next five years or so.”