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What is Growing Hope?

Growing Hope is a fundraising initiative of Jesuit Social Services, a social change organisation with a strong track record of delivering mental health services to people at risk of suicide and with complex needs.

Proceeds from Growing Hope support Jesuit Social Services’ Support After Suicide program, an all-ages suicide prevention program for people bereaved by suicide.

Your support will help to:

  • reduce suicide and suicide attempts
  • provide stability for people with complex needs and facing multiple problems
  • deliver suicide prevention services where they are needed most.

About the cause: Support After Suicide

Support After Suicide provides counselling, support groups and comprehensive online resources to those bereaved by suicide.

British researchers have found that bereaved people are 65 per cent more likely to attempt suicide if they are grieving for loved ones who took their own lives.

Represented in terms of absolute risk, this equates to 1 in 10 people who lose friends or relatives to suicide being at risk of following suit.

Support After Suicide’s specific activities for children, young people, parents, partners, siblings, adult children and men ensure that all people bereaved by suicide receive the vital support they need.

The program also delivers training to health, welfare and education professionals, to build their capacity to support people affected by suicide.

To learn more, please visit our Support After Suicide page or download our fact sheet.

Photo of Chris, Support After Suicide participant Chris’ story

Chris still recalls the feeling she had when she first discovered Support After Suicide.

“It was a connection with other people in the same experience to you – for the first time, I actually felt okay,” she says.

The year was 2005 and Chris’ 21 year old son Luke had tragically taken his own life months earlier.

A friend recommended Support After Suicide, and Chris was surprised that such a specialist service existed.

“In the early days, we weren’t capable of even looking or thinking that there would be specific support for those left behind after suicide.

“We didn’t think there would be any other normal, everyday person like we used to be, going through what we were going through.”

After attending the program’s Early Bereavement Group, Chris began coming to monthly meetings and engaged in individual counselling.

“It was a life saver for me as my husband and I returned to work and tried to reshape our family and our whole life in some way,” she says.

Chris now volunteers with the program and is able to use her family’s own experiences to assist others who are bereaved.

“It is very satisfying to be able to give something back to a program which has helped me so much.”

How can I support Growing Hope?

You can support Growing Hope by attending our Great Australians Gala Dinner on Saturday 15 October 2016, held at the Grand Hyatt’s Savoy Ballroom in Melbourne.

We believe that any Australian can achieve greatness if given the chance.

Join us in building a just society where all people can live to their full potential: book a table at the Great Australian Gala Dinner and celebrate the Great Australian within us all.

Our mental health expertise

Jesuit Social Services help people with mental illness navigate complex and traumatic periods with counselling, outreach and therapeutic activities.

We’ve delivered Support After Suicide throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria since 2004.

Our suite of mental health programs includes Support After Suicide, Artful Dodgers Studios, Connexions and The Outdoor Experience.

Visit our Mental Health and Wellbeing page to learn more.Growing_Hope_logo