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Involve your school

There are a range of ways schools can get involved with the work of Jesuit Social Services.

Just Voices Speakers Program: Schools can book a speaker or performer from our Just Voices Speakers Program. Our Just Voices speakers tailor their presentations to their lived experience, and to what you and fellow audience members would like to hear about. Common themes include resilience, courage, empathy, leadership, empowerment, social justice, diversity and cultural awareness. For schools, Just Voices speakers offer empowering sessions to inspire students to develop social justice messages. All presentations for schools link to the Australian and Victorian curriculum.

Presentations by Jesuit Social Services staff: Jesuit Social Services has a long history of leadership in the social sector. Our staff are able to present to your school community about any of our five key focus areas:

  • Justice and Crime Prevention
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Settlement and Community Building
  • Education, Training and Employment
  • Gender and Culture

Hold a fundraiser: We rely on support from donors to continue our work to build a just society. Fundraising for Jesuit Social Services is a great way for students to actively contribute to the community. Fundraisers can hold many forms – for example, ticketed events, walkathon/readathon, peer-to-peer activities such (seek sponsorship for completing an activity), casual clothes day, market stalls. Schools might also like to consider holding parent events such as fundraising dinners or speaker presentations. Whatever the activity, we can support you with resources and advice.

You might also like to make a straight donation to our work which can be done via our secure online donation page.

Volunteering opportunities: We’re happy to talk to you to discuss volunteering opportunities for your school community including students, parents and teachers – whether it be a one-off effort or an ongoing commitment.

For more information on any of these opportunities or to discuss other ideas, please contact us – 03 9421 7600 or jss@jss.org.au