fbpx Jesuit Social Services - Boman Ali Wakilzada

Born in Afghanistan, Boman has lived in Australia for four years.

Tell us about your photo

The photo was taken in St Albans. I asked the group and they were happy for me to photograph them. The picture shows the diversity of the area; the people are happy together, playing a game. They look like they are busy and entertained.

Boman Ali Wakilzada

What do you love about your local community?

This is a good place. It is near the city but also feels relaxed, like in the countryside – like my people, who are from the countryside.

What does ‘everybody belongs’ mean to you?

I feel like I belong when I can do classes with other people, like English classes. I feel better and learn.

Boman, Diversity Through The Lens photographer

Boman, Diversity Through The Lens photographer


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