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Born in Eritrea, Ahmed has lived in Australia for one year.

Tell us about your photo

The image reflects a sense of cultural diversity and harmony among civilisations and people in Australia. The photo was taken in St Albans. This man was sitting in a café and I asked if I could take a photo for harmony day, to reflect diversity of cultures, and he was happy to accept.  The colours attracted me.

Ahmed Adam

What do you love about your local community?

I’m lucky, the environment here is clear. It is a good environment, there is no pollution. Everything is here that I need, especially the library. There is a kind of harmony here. All the time we find people from different places, different cultures.  It’s a natural harmony, without decoration.

What does ‘everybody belongs’ mean to you?

This is Australian culture; people don’t live for their own selves, we are living for others. Australians live for other people. For that reason, I am happy. I am living for others and others live for me. Life is not for ourselves but for others; I need help from others so I also like to help them.

Ahmed, Diversity Through The Lens photographer

Ahmed Adam, Diversity Through The Lens photographer


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