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Connect with diversity

Wherever you are in the world, take a moment to step inside a new community.

Look around, and you’ll see the buildings are different. The footpath feels unfamiliar to your feet, and ads on buses flash by in a language you don’t know. In a cafe, the clack of mahjong tiles mingles with the bittersweet smell of iced coffee. Laughter spills across the street as people eat, walk, work and talk.

What do diversity and harmony look like here? And when everything feels different, how can you know?

Diversity Through The Lens online exhibition

The Diversity Through The Lens online exhibition presents new photos by Brimbank community members that capture the city’s human and geographic identity. The photographers are newly arrived in Australia and come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Through a series of workshops, they’ve received professional training to take photos that develop a sense of community connectedness. Their individual works share themes of harmony, diversity and belonging.

Explore the online gallery

Discover the work of Diversity Through The Lens community photographers in our online gallery. Select a photo to reveal the unique story behind the image, as told in the photographer’s words.

About Diversity Through The Lens

The Diversity Through The Lens project aims to promote harmony and cooperation, and build social capital within and across communities. The project is coordinated by staff in our Settlement Program.

The images in this online gallery mirror those in the Diversity Through The Lens physical photo exhibition. The exhibition was launched at the Sunshine Library in the City of Brimbank to celebrate Harmony Day in Australia (21 March 2017), and Cultural Diversity Week in Victoria (18-26 March 2017). Jesuit Social Services kindly acknowledges the support of the Brimbank City Council Community Grants Program.

To better understand how the Diversity Through The Lens workshops were run, you can read our feature article to glimpse inside our classroom, or watch the short video below.