fbpx Jesuit Social Services - Discussion forum explores environmental impact of food waste

Discussion forum explores environmental impact of food waste

Zero-waste cooking and the understanding of waste in the food system will be on the agenda at an upcoming discussion forum presented by Jesuit Social Services’ Ecological Justice Hub and Moreland City Council.

The event, titled FOOD, will be the second in a series of three Our Waste discussions, which explore how community members can reduce their home, kitchen and plastic waste and provide practical solutions to help people contribute to a safer climate.

Executive Director of Programs Sally Parnell says “the bushfire crisis has left many Australians feeling helpless and wondering what they can do to respond to the climate emergency. This series of events focuses on how we can make our lifestyles more sustainable.”

The first event, held in February as part of the Sustainable Living Festival, focused on the impact of consumer waste and how people can support a second-hand economy.

The final event, in June, will explore how the most marginalized members of the community get left behind and how we can all recognize ways in which we can create a fairer society.

FOOD takes place on April 25 at Welcome to Brunswick, 1 Frith Street, Brunswick, VIC 3056.

To book, visit bit.ly/our-waste-food