Our views on the NT Alcohol Policies and Legislation Review

Jesuit Social Services welcomes the opportunity to put our views forward on the Northern Territory Alcohol Policies and Legislation Review, which considers reforming the current system to reduce alcohol-related harm in the Northern Territory.

The Northern Territory has the highest rate of consumption of alcohol in the country which has resulted in a large amount of preventable harm. While alcohol abuse is not limited to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population, this group does experience a disproportionate amount of harm. Research shows us that alcohol misuse is strongly linked to experiences of disadvantage, with concurrent layers of disadvantage exacerbating inequities in alcohol-related harm.

In our submission, Jesuit Social Services calls for early intervention and prevention initiatives to foster healthy alcohol drinking habits and improve awareness around alcohol-related harm. We also call for reforms to the justice system to ensure effective responses that address the underlying issues impacting alcohol abuse, within a health framework.

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