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What is the African-Australian Inclusion Program ?

The African-Australian Inclusion Program (AAIP) is a dynamic and highly professional program for qualified African-Australians.

The program provides six months paid, supported work experience at National Australia Bank (NAB) and a pathway to ongoing employment in the Australian business sector.

We deliver AAIP as a joint initiative with NAB in Victoria and New South Wales.

How does AAIP work?

We provide African-Australians with business sector experience

Lack of local work experience prevents qualified African-Australians from gaining employment.

We help African-Australians overcome this barrier by offering paid work experience in business roles.

The roles include finance, IT, business administration, business analysis, corporate responsibility, project management, marketing and customer contact.

We offer career coaching to ensure job success beyond the program

With the help of NAB career coaches, AAIP’s impact lasts long beyond the program itself.

Participants work with a coach to help them achieve broader careers goals and search for job opportunities outside the program.

We are really proud of our achievements.  Of the 503 Participants that have taken part in the AAIP since 2009, on average, over 80% have been employed at NAB or in their chosen field at the end of each round of the program.  As at January 2020, approximately 50% of all AAIP alumni are still working at NAB.

Information on applying for AAIP

AAIP is highly competitive and the quality of applicants is very high.

Please click here to download our Application Information Pack. It provides tips and guidelines for selecting and applying for roles.

To make sure your application has the best chance, please follow our process outlined in the Application Information Pack.

Current opportunities in AAIP

Applications for Round 1 2020 of the AAIP are now closed. Please click here to register your interest for future Rounds.